March 28th

Sure. First of all, Daegan, it’s a pleasure to be on this call with you, brother. I’ve been a student of yours for quite a while, and we surely appreciate all the value that you bring to the industry and everything that you do for the thousands of entrepreneurs online and offline out there, so it’s my pleasure to be able to be on this line with you, so let’s start with that.

Secondly, my story is pretty interesting. I’ve been lucky enough to have been in direct sales pretty much all of my life. I tell people all the time, a lot of people were in their career learning their ABCs and I was learning always be closing at a very young age. I was reared inside this industry, and in the early ’90s, I was introduced to network marketing via Excel Communications.

I didn’t know anything about networking, this was before the Internet, when you went to a hotel meeting it was just a PowerPoint presentation and people drawing a bunch of circles. It was exciting because at the time, in the ’90s, you didn’t have a significant amount of options. So Excel was really hot.

The number one income was making a million and a half dollars a month, and you didn’t have a new pre-launch every 20 seconds like you do right now. You had a lot of glue, so the game was different. I got my taste of the game in the early ’90s, and got hooked. Somebody said get three, get three, get three and man, it got fun. You’re talking about long distance and switching people’s long distance, so we had a nice little run back then.

Things changed after a while. The owner got offered a significant amount of money and he left and the current ownership screwed up a lot of stuff, so the company pretty much went away. A lot of us went our separate ways and I started focusing on my direct sales career some more and ended up in the mortgage industry in 2001.

I became successful with a company called Mortgage Investors Corporation, became the top loan officer in the company and then went on to become the top producing manager, and then went on to become the president of marketing for the whole entire company. They paid me a couple of million dollars at a very young age and my life completely changed, everything changed.

It was in the housing market boom. It was all about timing and seizing the moment. Everybody was getting paid and all of the sudden, it all stopped. All of the sudden, it was like, hold on. Hey, what’s going on here? I always tell everybody, Daegan, being in the mortgage industry back then it was like watching the movie ‘Titanic’. You see the ship going down, but you notice how the band is still playing the music. You see it going down, and it’s like no, I have to get off.

So I got off and started seeing everybody online doing their thing. I was intrigued by it. One of the things that really intrigued me was the fact that there were people that were young making $20,000, $30,000, $50,000 plus a month on YouTube and doing Google pay-per-click and all these different things, so I ended up jumping in the game and the rest is history.

So for the past couple of years, we’ve crushed out as the number one income earner in My Lead System Pro for a couple of years; co-founder of ImToolSuite, a top Internet marketing system out there. I’ve been able to co-author a book; spoke onstage all over the place. I’ve shared the stage with Jeffrey Combs for a couple years doing coaching and all sorts of stuff. It’s been a nice run man, and building the business.

One of the good things I like about being in this game right now is that there are only really a handful of people that go out there and teach people how to do things but they’re really still doing them.

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