[HRL Task] Create Newsletter Profile & Welcome Email | The Home Business Agency

Sites needed:
 https://gogvo.com/affiliates/login.php Customer Username

Customer Password: hyper

https://www.maximum-leverage.com/leads/login.php username: daegan

password: maxlev101

Email / Newsletter Google Doc Spreadsheet

4) Rhino Support….

Open Rhino Support ticket with customer information

Open Leads profile link https://www.maximum-leverage.com/leads/login.php

Select A System: “Coreg System”

Click “Add New Client”

Insert Customer First & Last Name

Insert customer email

—– Look at HTML code on Rhino Support Ticket and Copy info

into fields on Newsletter Profile Page

GVO Campaign Code:

GVO Form Id:

GVO Affiliate Name:

Paste info Newsletter Profile Page

Open Up Newsletter Profile Spreadsheet

Copy First white E-course Name from spreadsheet

Paste E-course name in Newsletter Profile Page

Copy First white E-course Description from spreadsheet

Paste E-course Description in Newsletter Profile Page

Copy Photo Link from Spreadsheet

Paste Photo link on Newsletter Profile Page

Number of leads

Refer to Rhino Support ticket  to set number of leads

If purchased 450 – input 1,000 Leads

If purchased 1,000 – Input 1200 Leads If purchased 3,000 – Input 3,600 Leads

If purchased 5,000 – Input 6,000

LR Exclusive: Set to Inactive —- Click submit


Go “Back to Dashboard”

Select a list: select “Inactive”

Search for the Customer you just set up

Click on profile and make sure there are no errors on description
If so, fix or remove errors.

Click update and verify errors are fixed.

**Note: when you use ” or ‘ it will cause an error so they will need to
be removed from E-Course Description

Welcome Email Task
1) Refer to rhino support ticket and get customers GVO login info

2) Go here and login: https://gogvo.com/affiliates/login.php

3) After logging in, scroll down and click “Auto Responder”

4) Click on “Messages” tab

5) Make sure you have selected the “Hyper Responsive List” Campaign

6) Click “Click here to create message”

7) Set Send after to “0”

Refer to spreadsheet to and copy Welcome email Subject line and copy

Paste Subject line in GVO

Refer to spreadsheet and copy Email Body

Paste Email Body into GVO

Change font size to “12”

Plug in Newsletter and customer name into email body

Paste Email body in “Text” Area

— Scroll Down and click “Add”

Once completed, refer to spreadsheet and highlight row orange

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