How To Build A HUGE Hyper Responsive List!

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“How To Build A Huge
Hyper-Responsive List … “

Out of the ashes of business tragedy and DESPAIR, the One Lesson that created a solid million-dollar business model anyone can use to transform their lives starting TODAY…

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Top of the day to you,

I want to make you one of the most unprecedented offers in online marketing history. 

This unique opportunity is so outrageous, that on first hearing it, you may be tempted to immediately click away. 

But this once-in-a-lifetime deal is as REAL as the earth is round …

Here goes …

I want to build you a huge hyper-responsive subscriber list and pay YOU in the process. (You heard right.)

I’m going to build YOU a 1,000 … 3,000 or even 10,000 subscriber list and pay YOU while doing it.

Now, I can understand if you think this needs some explanation. On the surface, it doesn’t pass the common-sense test.

But just be patient with me because all of your questions will soon be answered.

I can fully sympathize with your gut reaction to this offer because when I first made it most of my present clients thought I’d lost my mind.

But WHY A Hyper-Responsive List?

If I’ve seen it once, I’ve seen it a hundred times. People trying to build a business before they know if they’ll even have enough customers.

What do I mean by this?

They create or join a business not knowing how well it would do. And then start spending money on advertising. They buy different courses, try different traffic sources, hoping to find the ‘holy grail’ and very soon they are in the land of information overload.

You start complaining that nothing is working, start burning the candle at both ends. Soon physical breakdown sets in and complete loss of clarity on your original goals. Results? Lack of confidence in yourself.

But There’s A Better Way …

Even though it may seem strange at first, what if you concentrated on building a list of trusted subscribers AND THEN find the business opportunities or products to sell them?

In a few months you’ll have a list of 5,000 – 10,000 people who, whenever you send an email, click your links like crazy and buy in droves.

Today you can decide to make a simple paradigm shift in your business with dramatic results. Money will be just a click away. You don’t have to stress yourself out because now you’ve created extreme leverage. You’re no longer worrying about whether you should jump on the next launch or join the next best business opportunity because you don’t have to.

You’ll have money at your disposal to buy that new plasma TV, that new car … With so many checks and income streams hitting your mailbox you can forget about them.

Now… when that perfect opportunity comes along what do you do? You can get a bonus package together, load your autoresponder with the marketing message and see the cash roll in.

You see, most marketers fail because they fail to build a list. They fail to build the foundation before they invest in filling the shelves of their store with all the cool shiny and expensive objects.

Don’t be one of them. Let it go. Make the uncommon choice and achieve the uncommon result, and live a spectacular life.

What Qualifies Me To Talk Like This?

Well, first let me give you a little run down of WHO is making you this offer.

My name is Daegan Smith and I’ve been involved in online marketing for the past 9 years or so. 

I’ve done several million dollars in revenue so I’ve been around the block a few times ..

In fact, let me take you back a few years.

This was around the year 2010-11. My business was growing by leaps and bounds (I’ll share with you in a little while my secrets behind this growth). 

I was literally on cloud nine on my way from Washington, DC to Maui. I fell in love with the place and decided to stay there with my fiancée, Kim (now my wife), and her mom.

While there, my business had its best week up to that point in time–we did about $80,000 that week and I’m feeling proud of myself and invincible. Not a bad income for a 31 year old. 

Hundreds of leads were pouring into the business daily, and with them, a ton-load of cash! I was on the top of the world, Titanic style! Life couldn’t be better.

But things were about to change. I remember it now like it was yesterday. I had just come home from Starbucks and doing some work on the beach.

I logged into my email account and was shocked to realize that I had made …

The Biggest Marketing Mistake of My Life

After I got this email, we went from making $128,000 plus per month to $15,000 per month! Considering that I had a staff I was paying $25,000 per month, this was definitely not a sustainable financial situation.

I didn’t know what to do next. I called up some of my marketing buddies and they didn’t know what to do.

I became instantly depressed—smoking half a pack of Newport cigarettes per day to calm my nerves and drinking beer to put me to bed at night. I was sure that my business I had worked so hard to build up was about to implode.

I mean, I freaked out!

Here I was, positioned as a leader with thousands of followers and I was as helpless as road kill.

I got this email and it said that my Google Adwords account had been suspended.

It so happened that we were getting about 50% of our traffic from Google. And when this source dried up it went with more than 80% of our profits. I had made the fatal mistake of building my business on one good source of traffic.

One Great Source of Traffic
Can’t Compare to 10 Good Sources of Traffic

It took me a good five … six months before I could get over this major setback. I see people today touting for Facebook traffic and other traffic sources and building their empires on one source of traffic, which they have no control over. 

That is a FATAL mistake!

The same applies to businesses who depend on SEO. Just one algorithm change and their “safe” income could be wiped out in a flash.

But I’ve since learned that when life knocks you down, the blow either makes you weaker or tougher. I decided that this knockout punch wasn’t going to keep me on the canvass. It was time to take a hard look in mirror and see how to make sure this never happened again.

You may be thinking, “Wow, $128,000 per month?” Now of course I didn’t just come online and start at $128,000 per month. Far from the truth. But if I knew back when I started what I know today it wouldn’t be that far from the truth. 

In fact, in a little while I’ll introduce you to one of my students, Matt, who went from $869 per month to over $50,000 per month within just a year … and he was only 23!

But first, let me share with you my story of …

“How I Broke
The $1,000,000 Per Year Ceiling” 

And there are some critical lessons I don’t want you to miss in the process.

You see back in 2004, I was working for a company called Merck. Before this I worked as a bicycle courier in Washington, DC and also as a lifeguard. You know as they say, it paid the bills. 

The first few months at Merck was exciting, but after about 6 months into the job I became a little restless.

It dawned on me one day while taking a shower (you’ll be surprised the kind of inspiration you get in the shower!) that I had done the exact same thing for the past 6 months of my life. 

I really freaked out at the thought that I could be doing this for the next 20 years.

The future just didn’t appear too bright. A few percentage raise in salary per year and maybe a couple weeks off for vacation. 

That kind of future just scared me stiff. That was definitely NOT the sought of life I wanted to live. 

I wanted more. I was living a completely mediocre life. It was not the lifestyle for that grownup little kid who dreamed of having his own orange Lamborghini some day.

I could remember staying up late and watching those infomercials on Real Estate. I actually attended one of those meetings at a Holiday Inn in Bethesda, Maryland. I was serious about a life change.

I sat at the very back of the room hoping to remain out of sight. 

“You Could Literally Smell
The Desperation In That Room” 

Armani-suited speaker after speaker took the stage and made their pitch. At the end of each presentation a hoard of audience member would rush to the back of the room to buy their wares. 

The Real Estate guy was selling a $1,000 course and about a quarter of the room made a purchase. This was my very first experience of seeing someone make $100,000 in a day, right before my eyes. 

The thought ran through my head that if I remained ten years on my job I wouldn’t be making that kind of money. Here I was learning one of my greatest marketing lessons without even knowing it …

If you have the right audience (list) you’ll never go broke.

Now I’ve since pulled in over $100,000 in an hour in live seminars and also in online webinars. But the lesson still has not lost its effect on me—and it shouldn’t on you either.

However, the real take-away from that seminar for me was the guy who spoke about an Internet product. 

This time I took the plunge. Even though it was a crappy product, it got me thinking in a different direction. You see, up to this point I had never considered doing any business online.

For a couple of years afterwards, I messed around with various programs and lost a lot of money. Mainly through a business opportunity that involved buying leads and calling them up on the phone hoping they would join my business. 

But this was intimidating an mentally grueling work. I think trying to sell to perfect strangers over the phone is about the hardest sale there is to make.

But this is just what my sponsor advised me to do.

“7 Months Later I Was
$7,000 In Credit Card Debt” 

Now I laugh at that kind of money today, but for a 23 year old and just starting out, that was a lot of money to throw away!

Now here’s the secret I squeezed out of that experience …

buying bad leads and calling them, translates into the wrong list + the wrong positioning = going broke fast.

This may be one challenge you are struggling with right now. But calling a list of leads and begging them to join your business, places you in a bad position. Here I was saying, “Hey, I’m in this business opportunity. Will you give me some money?”

Oh, I know I didn’t literally say those words, but that’s the POSITIONING I was using. It’s wrong. That’s my $7,000 lesson I just gave you for free.

After I began to study other online marketers I realized they were getting their leads from other sources and building a “list” so I started to write articles and even experimented in sending out a solo ad (email ad) or two.

Got to Start Somewhere ..

Soon I had this little newsletter with maybe 100 to 120 subscribers using the free Autobot autoresponder. I didn’t know how to write emails, but I joined an affiliate program where they provided the ‘copy and paste’ email to send to your list.

I remember I sent out this email for a ‘how to build your list’ product. One guy purchased through my affiliate link and I pocketed $100 commission! I was ecstatic! I mean, all I did was send this tiny email to my tiny list and I made $100 bucks.

Now I’m not just telling you these stories to entertain you. There are real marketing lesson here. 

Because I wrote to this guy to thank him for making the purchase and asked him if there was anything I could do for him. He wrote back and thanked me and indicated that I was a ‘guru’ and he was just trying to get his start! Little did he know that I was struggling just like him.

But here’s the moral of the story:

I realized how valuable positioning was at that moment. If you have your own list and you’re sending emails, just like the teacher in the classroom today, then you must be the expert. If you’re sending emails to your own list, the accepted status is that you must be of higher authority than the people on your list.

This means your subscribers pay attention to YOU. Now you are communicating one-to-many instead of one-to-one. You are now positioned as the EXPERT. This is huge!

“Just This Slight Shift Changed
The Game Completely For Me”

What’s more, I learned that if you’ve got the right audience, you can make a ton of money.

The wrong list and the wrong positioning can cause you to go broke fast. I discovered if you have the right positioning, one-to-many, you can make a lot of money.

Now I understood why that guy on stage at the Holiday Inn made so much money—he was talking one-to-many. One-to-many gives you the positioning to make a lot of money. Plus he was talking to the right crowd—opportunity seekers.

With your own list, you have that same advantageous positioning. Without it you are just juggling running chain saws.

Imagine writing an email (even with bad grammar) and pushing a button and seeing your bank account fill up like you just turned on a money tap—that has been my life for the past seven years. 

And in just a minute I’ll show you how it can be yours also—but a lot quicker and easier than it took me.

So now I see that it is possible to make money online by just emailing to my list. But my list is small. So how do I make more money? You’ve got it …

“Grow A Bigger List. But How?”

The drama continues … I came across this business called Success University (now closed) run by Matt Morris who was to become my friend and mentor. This guy literally changed my life.

Matt had what I thought was an irresistible offer—you just had to buy it—and I did. So I spent $30 on a solo ad from a Warrior Forum member (this is the largest Internet Marketing forum on the internet) which pulled in 100 leads and made 11 sales!

Whoah! Talk about the right traffic and the right offer creating an instant list and effortless sales. This was the start of a million-dollar business for me.

I found out that building a million-dollar business was just a matter of asking the right question, which led me to the right places and winning results. 

“Sounds Simple
But It’s Critically Important”

Soon I started building a team of people that looked up to me for training. They wanted to get the same results I was getting. 

Remember the one-to-many principle? I definitely couldn’t train them one by one, so I decided to create a distributor guide to train them how to copy my methods.

The company owner, Matt Morris, got a hold of the training manual and thought I should turn it into a product I could sell. 

But I didn’t know how to write a sales letter so I paid a copywriter a few thousand dollars (again on a credit card) to hammer out a letter for me. But by this time I was making more money and reinvesting it into building my team.

That product was called Internet MLM Success. Now I had my sales letter, my very first product and I started advertising through Google Adwords. First day I spent $12 and got one sale at $97—not a bad return on investment.

I thought that if I could do just three sales per day I could replace my day job. Within the first month I had made over $21,000 with my first product and now it was, “Game on!”

I started to grow my list like crazy and the money just followed–$6,000 per month, $8,000 per month, $12,000 per month. I was now saying to all my friends, “Look at this crazy Internet stuff I’m doing!” I was on a roll. Finally, I could kiss my JOB goodbye!

Then something interesting happened next. Matt approached me about offering my product as a ”bonus” for another offer he was making. What? This meant that I wouldn’t receive any money when people bought his product. They would just get mines for free!

But he explained to me that I would get the names and email addresses of these customers in the process. To tell you the truth, that didn’t sound too sexy to me. Honestly, it downright felt like cheating. My product for free? No money in my pocket?

Anyway, I trusted that he knew what he was doing, so I said reluctantly, “Ok, then”. 

“This Was One of The Most Counterintuitive Things
I’ve Ever Done In My Business”

The results shocked me. I didn’t make any money on the front end for sure but those list of customers became my most responsive list for any offer I emailed to them!

Lesson learned: The best leads are buyers and they don’t even have to be your buyers. As marketing genius Dan Kennedy would say, “A buyer is a buyer is a buyer.”

If you had the choice between a normal subscriber and a buyer, you would always want to have a buyer on your list. Once a prospect has raised his hand and opened his wallet, he is more likely to do so again than a mere curiosity seeker.

My business is now growing and I’m making more money. I finally paid off my school loans and have a little savings set aside. 

Then I decided to attend Yanik Silver’s The Underground Seminar where I met a lot of other marketers—Russell Brunson, Tellman Knudson, Marlon Sanders—there’s nothing like meeting with like-minded entrepreneurs in one room. It really pumps you up. 

One of the best things you can do for your business.

Yanik always has great speakers but that year one speaker in particular caught my attention—a guy by the name of Jon Alanis. He gets up on stage and starts talking about email marketing: how to write emails that sell. 

“He Blew My Mind!”

At the end of his presentation he made a one-day coaching offer for $10,000 but I was $5000 short of that fee.

So I did the next best thing—took his advice to email my list twice per day. He also suggested to talk about cool stories in your emails and you won’t bore your subscribers.

This piece of advice changed my mindset completely and I went home and put it into action immediately. I’ll be darned if my business did not double, and then double again. We went from about $6,000 to $12,000 and then to $24,000 per month, emailing my list twice a day.

Lesson learned: If you want to double your profits email your list twice per day. Just do it. You’re going to make more money.

Even though I missed Jon’s seminar offer I got on his list and he made the same offer to his subscribers and this time I was armed and ready to pull the trigger.

So I paid my $10,000, flew down to Austin, Texas and met him at a La Quinta hotel for my one-day consultation. There he opened up the back of his business to show me how he had turned a simple idea into a million-dollar business in just 19 months.

But where was he getting his leads from? Turns out that he was getting a few from many different sources. Remember my Maui revelation? I should have known better, but knowing and doing are not the same. 

When I asked why his lead sources were so scattered he said, “Daegan, stability.”

The main aim of a business is to make money and keep it, and then to make money for a long time. The more streams of leads that I have, the more stable my business is, and that’s exactly what I want.

Lesson learned (the hard way): If you want your list to grow over the years, get lots of leads from lots of different places.

If you ask me where you should get leads from, I’d say get leads from absolutely everywhere. There’s no bad lead source. I’ve gotten leads from literally everywhere—banner ads, pay per click, Facebook, media websites—you name it.

I’m not saying don’t get Facebook leads, but I’m saying just don’t only get Facebook leads if you want your business to survive and thrive.

“The Traffic Tsunami”

Now let me tell you about Carlos Garcia and his wife Lupe. 

I’m at another seminar (yes, I became a seminar junkie by this time because I always got a ‘pay raise’ after attending one) and they mesmerized the audience by showing how they generate a tsunami of traffic—numbers I’d never seen before.

They were generating over $5 million PER MONTH because they got traffic from popular websites and had mastered the skill of creating an irresistible offer. His coaching fee? $25,000! This one was tough to bite down on, but I did and flew to Tampa, Florida for the presentation.

I discovered how to craft great offers and split test like crazy. Was it worth it? Well you can decide for yourself, because that year I had my first million dollar year! Now I was getting not 100, or 150, but thousands of leads per day. 

This was the time I launched my Maximum Leverage business and went from absolutely nothing to about $128,000 per month.

So now I have:

  • A well diversified source of leads
  • A constant flow of traffic coming to my lead pages
  • Lead pages optimized and converting at over 50%

Lesson learned: Split Testing and conversions improvements plus traffic equals $Millions.

Now I had tens of thousands of people promoting one site simply because I learned how to get more traffic, split test and create irresistible offers. It was “Goodbye Washington and hello Maui!”

As you can see we’ve now come full circle to my Maui/Google Adwords disaster. It was at this point that I was shocked into learning the hard way that one source of traffic is no sure foundation for a business.

Now I promised earlier that I would introduce you to my consultation client Matt Lloyd out of Australia. I can say that he is the one consulting client who has paid me the most money to show him how to build a business online. 

He’s just in his early twenties and an absolute animal when it comes to putting into practice what I taught him. At first he was doing on average $983 per month and within a year he crossed the $50,000 per month mark!

What did we focus on? We focused on the core elements that go into building a huge list:

  • where you get leads.
  • what you do once you have the leads.
  • what you do after the leads become customers.

Great for Matt, you say, but even easier than this is when I do the list building for you and pay you in the process—here is that unbelievable offer again.

And right now you may be thinking that if it sounds too good to be true then it must be. I don’t blame you for thinking this way. (See other case studies below.)

“You Need to Understand
The REAL Value of A Lead”

Every direct marketer knows that the up front cost of lead acquisition says nothing about the real life-time value of a lead.

Simply put, if you paid $10 to acquire a lead who in turn spends $10,000 with you over time, then you’ll gladly spend even $500 for that same lead because you are in PROFIT.

And this is the same way I think and you should too.

Now let me quickly illustrate for you how I determine the REAL VALUE of my leads. The math is pretty simple: I take the total number of leads and divide that by amount of revenue generated during a set time period.

Now for a more statistically accurate value (to even things out) I would consider a period of six months. (You know that anyone could have a good week or month that would throw the numbers off.) By taking 6 months you’ll get a better average.

Makes sense?

See the results below :

I then take the average and divide the total number by 6.

From the figure above we’re looking at $1,793,230.70 divided by six which equals an average monthly gross revenue of $298,871.78.

Then I look up the number of leads on my list…

Here it shows I have a total of 232,586 contacts on my list.

Next I simply divide $298,871.78 per month by 232,586 and arrive at the number $1.28 per lead per month or $15.41 per lead per year.

Right away I can know if I’m in profit or not. Of course if I’m not making back enough money to cover my lead acquisition cost then I really have a failing business!

(Disclaimer: The number I just shared with you is on the low side because we also receive revenue by checks or wires monthly, which can also add up to a sizable amount. For example, here’s the last three months bank deposits for just the checks:

But just to be conservative I’ve used only the merchant account revenue. I always feel that it’s better to under-promise and then over-deliver.

“So How Much Is A Lead Worth?”

In my business at least $1.28 per month or $15.41 per year, and let me stress that’s only one year, but…

What about over a lifetime? How much is a hyper responsive lead worth over a lifetime?

A whole lot more.

Look below: this is data I pulled up from my shopping cart showing how much our best leads have been worth, at least so far, over their lifetime …

Can you imagine having just one lead worth $32,593.00 or even just $15,181.00? Well, that’s exactly what happens naturally over time when you cultivate and create a list full of hyper responsive leads–like the one I’ve created and will go on creating for the rest of my life.

When friend’s or other marketers ask me… “How much are you willing to spend to get a lead? and…

I answer… “$14 or so.”

Jaws always drop because they don’t understand what I just broke down to you. There’s no better investment in the world than investing in creating your own hyper responsive list.

Let’s face it: “How much would you spend to acquire just a few $10,000 leads?


I’ve got hundreds of these because I’ve never been afraid to invest in creating hyper-responsive leads and in the future I’ll create hundreds more. But ..

“Who Are The Most Hyper Responsive Prospects
To Have On Your List?”

All lists are not created equal.

You want to build lists that responds to your offers. But what’s the demographics of the most responsive prospect?

Consider this little incident: A $15,000, five-day event I attended not too long ago would end late in the night. I’m talking after 11pm. Instead of hitting the sack at that time I would spend 30 minutes on my suite’s balcony looking down at the pond below.

I thought to myself, “That’s man-made but it’s nice”. I’d look at all the tall buildings around and admire the scenery while reflecting and decompressing from the hectic day.

Then I’d hit the sack and before I knew it, it was morning.

After folowing this routine for the first three days, the next night, instead of looking down at the pond, I looked straight out and what I saw shocked me. How did I miss this before?

Right infront of me was a live and thriving city that I had just ignored. Maybe this has happened to you before. Sometimes the most obvious things could be hidden in plain sight!

I’ve had the great fortune of mentoring several multimillionaires before they were the big names they are today. Guys like…

Jonathan Budd, who’s done some of the largest launches that our industry has ever seen online. Over $2M in less than a month.

Desmond Smith, he attended a $10,000 workshop I held just a few months back. At the time he was doing about $10,000 per month in his business, five months later BOOM! $232,000 in just one month.

Matt Lloyd. When we met for his first consultation,

he was making less than $995 per month in his business.

Just last month he pulled in over $1.2M and in the last year he did over $4.5M in revenue.

If you’ve heard of David Wood and David Sharpe

The guys who started a little company called Empower Network that has just eclipsed $100,000,000 in revenue in two years. Believe it or not…

They were student of my Maximum Leverage coaching program

I could go on, but… I think we’re good here.

I don’t say this to brag or am I trying to sell you coaching or consulting services. I wouldn’t have time to do it these days.

I share this ONLY to say, that I have not only seen many people create multimillion dollar business from scratch (years in some cases, months in others, and days in a few), but to share that I was there.

Not only am I intimately informed on my own business’s revenue, but … I’ve been behind the scenes of many success stories in the online marketing and home business space.

“How Did They Do It?”

Well, if you said…

They ALL have HUGE hyper responsive list, you’d be right, but…

Just as I only saw the pond below my hotel suite those first few days, you’d only be seeing the surface level if you thought that’s what it was.

What were their secrets?

They ALL created multi-million dollar businesses in two years or less. They are outliers, but only when you look closely at what’s common between them do you finally see the truth.

What are these common factors?

“Big lists?” Well, yes, but I remember when each one had less than 1,000 people on their lists, so that’s not it.

“They’re all in the online marketing and home business niches?”

Now we’re getting warmer.

If you want to build a hyper responsive list you have to ask yourself, “Who are THE most rabid and hyper responsive prospects in the world by FAR?”

Well, people who are serious about building their own businesses become entrepreneurs for life! As a member of that group myself I can testify that we buy a LOT of stuff.

I’ve spent at least $1,000,000 on my education over the last 8 years. Imagine having a couple of me on your list…

If you want to create a multimillion dollar business in the next two years build your own list. And the BEST niche is the home business niche, but…

Let’s look a little deeper … What else do they all have in common?

They’re all very different. From hippy, to farm boy, to NFL football player. So it’s not their background or upbringing.

It’s not their products or services – a LOT of people have those.

It’s NOT even their relationship with their list, if that’s what you’re thinking. Behind the list they all have one common thread that connects them all.

It’s A “Secret” List …

What makes their lists special?

–Jonathan Budd – how do you pull off a $2M launch? Do you do it alone?

–Desmond Smith, from $10,000 to $232,000 per month in 5 months.

What did he change in his list that made a 23X difference?

Matt Lloyd… $1.2M per month and $4.5M per year – what’s going on in his list that allows him to generate that kind of revenue that connects him to the list above?

David Wood & David Sharpe, $100,000,000 in two years or so – what type of list does that?

Do you see it?

It’s right there …

They don’t just have HUGE, profitable, and powerful lists. They have one thing even more powerful. It’s a focus, it’s WHAT they do with that LIST that makes all the difference.

They have …

“THE Most Powerful
Wealth Creation Force On Earth.”

One that you’ll be getting soon!

The ONE THING which created insane levels of wealth in ludicrous time periods, and what makes them different from ALL the rest is…

They build their list then focus ONLY on converting as many of their prospects and customers as possible into affiliates.

Focus your mind on converting affiliates for any extended period of time and watch what happens to your business.

A good subscribe is a great thing …

A $10,000 customer is an amazing thing, but…

A $10,000 customer who brings 10 more like him–that’s how fortunes are made! And you’re about to have that power.

When we partner to build your list, that’s just the beginning. You’ll see. I’ve got a bigger and brighter future in store for you than you can imagine.

Who’s the most hyper responsive prospect to attract to your list?

The prospect in the online marketing world that doesn’t just do business with you, BUT bring never-ending business to you.

A list full of your own hyper responsive affiliates.

“I Want You Along For The Ride!”

Another way of illustrating the real value of your leads is to look at the response to your emails.

When I send out an email to my list and receive click-throughs to whatever I’m promoting, I can quickly calculate how much each of those clicks is worth.

For example, recently I did a promotion to my list for an affiliate promotion, which means I only got a percentage of the total revenue.

Over the span of about 7 days I sent 9 emails to my list. Here’s the total number of clicks for the offer that I generated from those emails…

From those 4,433 unique clicks here’s how the total commission I generated at the end of that period:

To find out how much each click was worth, we simply divide the total commissions of $56,375.01 by the total number of unique clicks or 4,433.

Believe it or not, each click in that promotion ends up being worth $12.72. Can you imagine sending out an email and getting paid $12.72 not per sale or per lead, but for each click you got?

Those are the real numbers. At the end of the launch here’s what Tim, the creator of the new product I promoted during the launch said about my results…

I can’t think of a better way to display what having your own hyper responsive list can do, than the words Tim shared above.

The thing is… Once you have a hyper responsive list you can create income whenever you want. A lead on your hyper-responsive list will likely buy from you several times over creating a longtime income for your business.

Do you get it now? Do you see how big this is? Do you see how having your own hyper responsive list can and will change the entire course of your life too? Good!

Let’s build you one…

By now you must be wondering just how this works.

“How Does This All Work”

Well, I own an advertising agency called The Home Business Agency. Basically what we do is find promising sources of traffic and test them, risking our own dollars. 

Only the winners are picked—those sources that made us a decent profit. Once we have separated the wheat from the chaff we in turn buy traffic from these profitable sources in bulk (I call them my honey holes) and resell them to our clients at a discount.

Let’s say there’s a popular website offering a $2,500 ad spot. I buy 20 of them, wire someone a whole bunch of money and they’re happy and they give me a discount on the price. 

Then I come back to my clients in The Home Business Agency and I say, hey you can get that $2,500 ad for $2,000, or whatever that ad cost is. It’s $500 less than I paid when I tested it.

“The Essence Of This Offer …”

Now we’ve come the heart of this offer. I’ve detailed to you my experience and demonstrated solid proof of my lead generation ability and the kind of results I’ve been getting.

Plus, I’ve showed you my pitfalls and triumphs so you know that I’m a real marketer who have been in the trenches with battle scars to prove it. You can build on my expertise because I’ve shared enough right here so you can do battle on your own if you so choose.

I’ve shared enough marketing wisdom right here that you’ll not find in some $2,000 courses. I know. I’ve bought some of them. 

I’ve peeled back the curtains from my business to show you what goes on behind the scenes and some people may even think me foolish to share so much. 

But I want to be as transparent with you as possible. There are no smoke and mirrors here.

The bottom line is that I will build you a list of your own using our revolutionary list co-op process. This process (cost us a chunk of change in the programming) simply gives you a lead whenever I generate a lead and we share the cost. So you get a lead every time I get a lead but at a fraction of the original cost–without you lifting a finger.

Click here to see full list building process flow chart.

But how do you get paid? You see, with this program you automatically become a part of our “Passive Partnership Profits” program. 

This means that whenever I place an ad as I’m building your list, I will send all traffic through your partner link giving you an instant commission on every purchase. So whenever I make money you make money without you having to do anything.

So, for example, if someone makes a purchase through your link of a 1,000 list coop package, we’ll send you $200 passively. For a the 2,000 list package you get $350 and for the 3,000 list co-op we’ll send you $450. 

This Is How You Get Paid
While Your List Is Being Built

Now keep in mind this is now YOUR list which you can market to as you choose. You can send them your newsletter, affiliate offers, invite them to join your primary business … it’s all up to you.

What’s more, even if you don’t have products of your own as yet, we have tested and proven high-converting products you can offer to your list and keep all the profits. That’s where this incredible bonus package comes in.

(And which makes this an irresistible offer indeed. I’m actually demonstrating to you what I’ve just shared with you.)

Now because this offer is so off-the-charts crazy, you know there had to be a catch. The catch is that I can only accept 20 customers per month. So all who want to get in will not get in. 

But that’s not all, because here is

The Bonus Package Which Knocks
This Offer Clean Off The Charts:

Here you’re going to see how extremely dedicated I am to your success.

Because these bonuses I’ve put together for you will ensure you profit mightily from the list we’ll build for you. This will be like having your own personal ATM.

BONUS #1: My $3.1M Secret Weapon…
“The Ultimate Email Swipe File” ($997 Value)

The is literally my most valuable asset and secret weapon as far as list profiting is concerned. To date, it’s been responsible for $3.1M in revenue for my business. And that number is still climbing.

If you’ve got a list full of hyper responsive subscribers, what’s the one thing that you need to turn this list into serious profit?

Well, you don’t need a product or service. There are plenty of those out there. You’re probably already associated with a few of them yourself as an affiliate. So if you don’t need a product, then what is it that you need?

Answer: Emails that convert.

I’ve written some 4,158+ emails over the last 8 years, and those emails have been responsible for millions of dollars in revenue.

We’re talking about over 10,000 hours of writing emails that convert. But truth be told, NOT all emails are created equal.

In fact, (and this might shock you) I’ve discovered that less than 10% of my emails are responsible for generating the lion’s share – 86%of the total revenue!

You never know which emails are going to be profitable until after you’ve tested them–which can take a considerable amount of time. Here’s what that looks like from the behind the scenes…

In the chart above, you can clearly see that some emails produce a lot more income than others. Tracking my profit per email like this helped my own email marketing produce maximum profit.

My Email Swipe File has taken some 8 years and over 4,000 emails to compile. It’s comprised of 365+ of my top revenue generating emails. I think you can see the advantage of having a resource like this at your finger tips.

Bottom line is that over the years, this has turned into my most valuable resource.

Like Tiger Woods selecting the correct club from his golf bag to score that birdie, I can select one of these emails, do a quick edit and know I would make a killing from my list.

And what’s more, apart from the money they make me, my subscribers also love them!

Here’s the typical feedback I get moments after sending them out:

Imagine, taking 10 minutes to spruce up one of these emails … sending it to your new list … having it produce huge paydays for you … and then having your subscribers love you for it.

That’s exactly what’s going to happen when you make use of this treasure trove.

My “Ultimate Email Swipe File” is priceless to me, and if you’re accepted as a “List Co-op” partner, my swipe file will be yours. It’s incredibly easy to use.

It will be delivered to you in a zip file, and once you download it you simply scroll through to find an email you’d like to send to your list, and then customize it like this:

If you wanted to purchase this swipe file, we do sell it here for $997, but if you’re accepted as a “List Co-op” partner you won’t pay a dime for it.

I don’t want anything to stand in the way of you profiting with your new list. So letting you have my best emails will dramatically shortcut your path to profit.

But that’s just the beginning…

Because the next bonus you’ll receive if you’re approved as a “List Co-op” partner is going to floor you. I’ve decided to do something I’ve never done before. Something that’s about to make you a LOT of money…

You see, out of the 41 different information products for online marketers that I’ve created, “Solo Ad Secrets” is easily one of the best known traffic generation products online. And it’s by far our top converting product with a steady conversion rate of 4.1% at $197.

When I was thinking about what else I could include for you as a “List-Coop” partner to give you every advantage I possible could, this product immediately came to mind.


First, because the content itself will teach you how to drive massive amounts of traffic and build your list even bigger.

Second, because there’s no better product to introduce your new list to than one that teaches them how to drive traffic. This makes it the perfect offer for the list we’ll be building for you.

If I’m helping you build your list by leveraging my list, and I’m giving you my best emails to profit by, it ONLY made sense for me to also give you my top converting traffic product as well.

This traffic generating product completes the circle and leaves nothing to chance.

You’ve got the list, the emails, and now you’ll have the product. These are the only three components that you need to create a highly profitable business online.

And… Now you’ll get them all right out of the gate.

BONUS #2: The “Solo Ad Secrets”
365 Day Lease ($5,000 Value)

Click Play: Watch Jonathan Registers Earn $4,243.00 In His First 6 Days…

If you’re selected as a “List Coop” partner, you’ll also get access to “Solo Ad Secrets” and the rights to resell it and keep a large portion of the profits.

As a licensee, you’ll get access to:

  • The 4.1% converting sales video.
  • The $3,588 per customer one time offer sequence.
  • The “$100k Week” 13 part email launch sequence.

And here’s how the funnel works…

Click here to see full “Solo Ad Secrets” funnel process flow chart.

After leads opt into the funnel they’ll see the sales video. On average, 4.1% of these leads end up buying “Solo Ad Secrets” at $197.

Next they’ll have the opportunity join our “Maximum Leverage” membership site for 30-day trial and then $197 per month. About 30% of new customers choose this option and remain clients for 3 months on average.

After they complete their purchase they will then see our first one time offer which sells for $997 to $1997. About 20% of our buyers will also purchase this up-sell.

Next they will see the second one time offer which sells for $497 to $1197 and 30% of our customers will say yes to this option.

Finally, they’ll arrive at our final one time offer for $197 and about 20% of them will say yes to this option.

When a prospects purchases everything through the “Solo Ad Secretsthat’s a HUGE $3,588 in revenue generated per customer.

It doesn’t take many of those per month to create a nice payday, right? Well, brace yourself because this is going blow you away…

I’ve decided to give you 86%commissions on everything in this funnel. This means you’ll earn up to $3,229.20 per sale!

If You Made …

Your Annual Income …

1 sale per month


1 sale per week


1 sale per day


This is the very first time I’m offering a 86% commission 365 day lease to “Solo Ad Secrets.” If and when I do this again, you can expect the investment to be no less than $5,000, which would still be a steal. Because with just two sales you’d more than break even.

But you won’t be paying a dime. It’s my gift to you.

Do you see what I mean when I said earlier I was extremely dedicated to your success if we hand select you as a list building partner?

Plus, I’m not done yet.

There’s one more bonus you’re getting, and I know you’re going to love this one.
I call it my…

BONUS #3: “Instant Passive Profits” (Priceless)

Click Play: See $1,484.00 Earned Passively – Real Time Case Study…

NOTE: You would have been paid  $1,068.48 more  or a Total of $2,552.48 in completely passive
  from this one transaction if this had been youKeep reading to discover why…

Not only am I going to be giving you every advantage I have to put you in the ultimate position to profit from your list, but I’m going to take it one step further.

I’m going to do everything in my power to make you money myself.

Because you’re going to be getting up to $300 in commissions on the list building clients you refer and 86% commissions on “Solo Ad Secrets“, I’ve set up my own funnel so that you can leverage me to convert sales for you.

Here’s how it works…

Click here to see full “Instant Passive Profits” process flow chart.

While I’m building your list for you I’ll also be rotating your affiliate link along with the our other list building partners. As this occurs, each of the prospect who comes through our funnel will be exposed to both offers immediately.

If that prospect purchases either “Solo Ad Secrets” or applies for and is then accepted into the “List Co-op” and you’re tagged to them in our funnel, you’ll generate a commissions completely hands free, and…

It gets even better because, I’ll be emailing my list daily, and if any of the subscribers on list who are ‘cookied’ to you make any purchase from us, you’ll get commissions on that as well.

I want you think about how HUGE this really is.

You could end up generating commissions passively for months or even years from now because of this one component.

Even if a subscriber that’s tagged to you decides to invest in one of my products or services 3 month, 6 months, or even a year down the line you’re going to get sent a commission for the sale.

Let me say it again, “This is completely hands-off passive income for you”. I’m doing the work. We’re both getting paid for it for life.

Now the leads come in THREE standard packages:

Number of Leads



450 (Good)



1000 (Better)



3,000+ (Great)



10,000+ (Best!)



Larger Custom Packages



If you you’d like a larger list package just let us know the size and we’ll quote a custom bulk price.

BONUS #4: Your Own Hyper Responsive List Generator ($10,000 Value)

Just a few minutes ago we uncovered that THE most hyper responsive list is one that builds itself, that being…

A list full of customers and subscriber that do ONE thing: Turn into your affiliates and bring 10, 100, 1,000, or even more just like them.

That’s the ULTIMATE Leverage that guys like Jonathan Budd, Matt Lloyd, Desmond Smith, David Wood and David Sharpe use to build multimillion dollar businesses in less than two years.

Now you have that same exact power.

You’ll leverage my subscribers that are the foundation of my own multimillion dollar business to ignite your own AND I’ll give you what I consider to BE the most powerful list building engine imaginable.

I say this because you don’t need your own product, or an irresistible offer, or your own business opportunity or list for this to work.

All you’ll need is the SEED LIST you get from me and you can use this generator to create your own CPL or cost per lead network—you pay people to drive traffic that turn into leads.

You get to set your own prices for leads from here on out. Whether it be $5 per lead or $0.25, with this generator you can set it up however you want.

Your subscribers join your cost per lead program and when they send you leads you now create TRUE leverage. They’re building your list and at the price you choose and geographical locations you designate.

I don’t condone you being a cheapskate here, but imagine building a seed list of 2,500 subscribers, and then having just 100 go out and bring you 25 more leads each at $0.50 per lead.

You just doubled your list for pennies on the dollar. Now you’ve got 5000 leads and imagine the same thing happens again and again…

That’s leverage on top of leverage. Do you see the power you now have in your hands to not just change the entire course of your business, but of your life from here onwards?

Do you see why partnering with us IS the exact break you’ve been waiting for. This is just the beginning….

The Math Is Simple …

Remember when I shared with you earlier how much each of our leads are worth to us monthly and yearly in our business? $1.28 per month or $15.36 per year. Well…

Take a look at that chart and lets run the math together…

Even at the smallest 450 subscriber package you’re getting our subscribers worth $15.36 each per year for a one-time $2.25. That’s like someone handing you $13.11 every time you give them $2.25, and…

If that isn’t enough of a no-brainer of a decision, in the 10,000 subscriber package you’re getting leads that are worth $1.28 per month in revenue for just $0.80 per subscriber.

That’s a 94.8% discount on the yearly value of each subscriber.

If I were presented with the opportunity you’ve getting right now, here’s exactly what would go through my head…

I’d quickly do the math and see that’s basically like someone asking for $0.80 and then handing me $14.56 in return.

Then I’d do the math on the 10,000 subscriber “best” package and realize that locking myself into that option is essentially like being handed $145,603 for investing just $7,997 to build my list which I’ll own for the rest of my life.

Next, I’d get excited about the reality of having my own list filled with hyper-responsive subscribers.

And I’d start thinking about what type of emails I should send to generate the most revenue and I’d remember that as soon I’m accepted in the “List Co-op” I’d get access to 365 of the high converting emails responsible for $347,543 in 18 months to use as my own.

I’d feel really good about not having to become a email writing genius when I’m just starting out.

I definitely wouldn’t forget about the “Passive Partnership Profits” program that I’ll be added to as my list was being built or how exciting it’s going to be to generate hands-free revenue passively while my list is created for me.

For every “List Co-op” client I get credit for referring passively through my affiliate, I’m going to get sent 10% commission or up to $300 per client. And I’d feel pretty confident in the prospects of seeing a few of those commissions roll in passively because…

Whoever sees what I’m seeing right would be insane not to jump on this offer.

I’d keep in mind that because I’m getting 86% commissions each sale of “Solo Ad Secrets” that could mean up $3,229.20 in commissions to me per customer.

Just one of those hefty commissions and I’d be in profit, and I’d own my own hyper responsive list of 3000 subscriber to profit from for the rest of my life, and… All that’s before I send out my first email to my new list.

Just make sure I didn’t miss anything I’d run through a quick check list…

  1. Leads worth $15.36 per year at just $0.80 subscriber at a 94.8% or $14.56 per lead discount. Check!
  2. More than a year’s worth of tested and proven emails that have generated over $347,543 in 18 months to use as my own. Check!
  3. Passive $300 commissions from future list clients that are converted without me having to do anything. Check!
  4. 86%commissions on the entire “Solo Ad Secrets” funnel worth up $3,229.20 per customer in commissions. Check!

Then you’d hear me say… “I’m in. How do I apply? Where do I sign up?”

Now I know this offer is NOT for everyone but it’s not meant to be. Perhaps you’re timid like me when I was presented with that $25,000 offer from Carlos that netted me my first million dollar year.

Or maybe for you this deal is “too good to be true”. But one thing I can tell you is that this opportunity WILL disappear fast and everyone who’ll like to get in will not get in.

In addition, simply because you want in and have the money to spend doesn’t qualify you either. 

What do I mean by this? There is an application process so we can be sure you are the best fit for this program. We want your success as much you, so if we think your wouldn’t make the best use of this opportunity we’ll have to turn down your application.


To apply to have us build your 1,000 to 10,000+ subscriber list for as little as $0.80 per lead just use the form below.

After completing payment of the no risk application fee of just $97.00 you’ll be immediately redirected to the application page where I have a special bonus waiting for you…

Just for applying…

I will be granting you instant access to the never before released “How To Build A Highly Responsive List” session recording from my “Maximum Leverage LIVE!” workshop where attendees flew in from as far away as South Africa on no more than one weeks advance notice to be there in person.

Click Play: To Learn More…

Enjoy the training, it’s yours to keep whether you’re chosen as a partner or not. It’s my gift to you.

Click Here To Apply Risk Free

If accepted as one of our list building partners, we’ll reach out personally to give you set up instructions for securing your one of 20 available slots within days.

Within 24 hours of set up, we’ll begin to build your hyper responsive list and within 30 days it will be complete.

If you are not accepted as a list building partner, your complete application fee will be refunded in full and I apologize in advance as we have to be highly selective with whom we partner with.

*The application fee is simply a tool we use to filter out those who are serious from those who are not. If you are accepted your application fee will applied to your list building package. If you are not, again… your application fee will be refunded in full.

Imagine what it would be like to wake up in the morning and make the 40-foot commute to your office, which may just be your living room. You take out your laptop and log into your autoresponder account.

Within five minutes you compose an email and send it off to your list. Then you just close your computer, head over to the kitchen and have the breakfast of your choice. Within minutes your email inbox lights up with “You’ve got cash!” messages. 

That’s My Reality …

Have you ever imagine what it would be like to have your own million dollar business, pulling in over $80,000 per month, while creating raving fans in the process? You live life on your own terms and take vacations when you determine and not some arbitrary company rule.

This was once a dream for me but it’s now my reality. My mission in life is to share this dream with as many people as possible. But don’t take my word for it, see what clients are saying about our list building program …

Remember that opportunities are never lost. Someone would take the ones you pass on. Don’t you think you’ve waited long enough?

To the top,

Daegan Smith

P.S. Just 10 years ago while working as a courier, I never could imagine I would one day be running a multi million dollar business. But DECISION and ACTION did it for me. 

My life has changed and I’m making it my life’s purpose to change as many other lives as possible. I don’t know any quicker and easier way of doing this than building a list of raving fans for you. But only if you DECIDE and ACT today. So do it now while you’re still thinking about it. It’ll only take a few minutes, and you’ll be taking a giant stride towards greater financial security.

Click Here To Apply Risk Free

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