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June 18th, 2012

Have you ever wondered the secrets of the all-star marketer? You know the one who always knows what to say and how to say it. They can sell snow to an Eskimo and milk to a cow. This person is confident and seems to actually make a great living with their home-based business.

How do they do it? Well, today’s interview will be filled with the answers to those questions and more as you hear the liberating principles to becoming an awesome salesman. Cedrick Harris, co-founder to one of the internet’s top marketing systems, ImToolSuite, stresses why we shouldn’t be afraid to sell. When we grasp the idea that all we own or have owned was sold to us, we can kill the fear of selling.

I discovered that the best salesperson enters a sales pitch with the desired outcome already in mind. You’ll see here today that you must become fearless and stop worrying about what others may think or say. Procrastination is a dooming habit and you will come to realize that amazing things will happen when you remove mental barriers and take charge.

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Daegan: Hello, this is Daegan Smith and I want to welcome you to this edition of the podcast here. I’m excited. Right before I got on this call here to share this with you, I commented on the individuals that I’m going to be having a conversation with. I told them one of the highest compliments I’ve given anyone, at least from me, I am an ultimate student of marketing and this guy is what I consider to be the complete package. If you’re in a home business, what ends up happening is, you tend to end up being skewed more towards doing things online or doing things belly to belly. Cedrick Harris is one of the only people I know that’s just out there hustling on all levels, creating systems, getting up onstage. In fact, here’s how we caught up. This is hilarious. I respect the skills of this right here. A couple weeks ago, I had my first Maximum Leverage Live seminar and Cedrick showed up, which was an honor for me. I was like oh man, good to see you and called him out. We’re in there doing our thing, he’s in class and immediately after, we all go to the bar to have some fun. There I see Cedrick in the back with 10 or 15 people, their eyes just totally locked onto whatever he’s doing, and just recruiting them down. I’m sitting there laughing at the bar, because I’m like man, that’s totally honorable because he waited till after the seminar to do his presentation, but always on the grind, aggressive selling, just a complete marketer. I have nothing but respect for that.

This is the first time we’ve really had a chance to sit down and just chat a bunch, but man, thank you so much for sharing some of your time. If you could start by sharing your story with folks, then we’ll just get into some marketing stuff.

Cedrick: Sure. First of all, Daegan, it’s a pleasure to be on this call with you, brother. I’ve been a student of yours for quite a while, and we surely appreciate all the value that you bring to the industry and everything that you do for the thousands of entrepreneurs online and offline out there, so it’s my pleasure to be able to be on this line with you, so let’s start with that. Secondly, my story is pretty interesting. I’ve been lucky enough to have been in direct sales pretty much all of my life. I tell people all the time, a lot of people were in their career learning their ABCs and I was learning always be closing at a very young age. I was reared inside this industry, and in the early ’90s, I was introduced to network marketing via Excel Communications. I didn’t know anything about networking, this was before the Internet, when you went to a hotel meeting it was just a PowerPoint presentation and people drawing a bunch of circles. It was exciting because at the time, in the ’90s, you didn’t have a significant amount of options. So Excel was really hot. The number one income was making a million and a half dollars a month, and you didn’t have a new pre-launch every 20 seconds like you do right now. You had a lot of glue, so the game was different. I got my taste of the game in the early ’90s, and got hooked. Somebody said get three, get three, get three and man, it got fun. You’re talking about long distance and switching people’s long distance, so we had a nice little run back then. Things changed after a while. The owner got offered a significant amount of money and he left and the current ownership screwed up a lot of stuff, so the company pretty much went away. A lot of us went our separate ways and I started focusing on my direct sales career some more and ended up in the mortgage industry in 2001. I became successful with a company called Mortgage Investors Corporation, became the top loan officer in the company and then went on to become the top producing manager, and then went on to become the president of marketing for the whole entire company. They paid me a couple of million dollars at a very young age and my life completely changed, everything changed. It was in the housing market boom. It was all about timing and seizing the moment. Everybody was getting paid and all of the sudden, it all stopped. All of the sudden, it was like, hold on. Hey, what’s going on here? I always tell everybody, Daegan, being in the mortgage industry back then it was like watching the movie ‘Titanic’. You see the ship going down, but you notice how the band is still playing the music. You see it going down, and it’s like no, I have to get off. So I got off and started seeing everybody online doing their thing. I was intrigued by it. One of the things that really intrigued me was the fact that there were people that were young making $20,000, $30,000, $50,000 plus a month on YouTube and doing Google pay-per-click and all these different things, so I ended up jumping in the game and the rest is history. So for the past couple of years, we’ve crushed out as the number one income earner in My Lead System Pro for a couple of years; co-founder of ImToolSuite, a top Internet marketing system out there. I’ve been able to co-author a book; spoke onstage all over the place. I’ve shared the stage with Jeffrey Combs for a couple years doing coaching and all sorts of stuff. It’s been a nice run man, and building the business.

One of the good things I like about being in this game right now is that there are only really a handful of people that go out there and teach people how to do things but they’re really still doing them.

Daegan: It’s true. But it’s a fun game, you know what I mean? Every day, I learn something new, I’m investing and changing, it’s just cool to be of value. But it’s interesting I ask myself that same question. There’s a lot of people that want to sell you stuff but very few that are doing the thing and reporting back what’s working right then and there, you know that I mean?
Cedrick: Exactly.
Cedrick: Let me ask you this, because I consider you to be quite the fearless marketer. I think if there’s one thing that most people lack, it’s that quality. I’ll give you an example that just happened today. I run a home-business advertising agency, I go out and test stuff and if it’s profitable for me, I go and buy in bulk and I pass along savings to my clients. As I’m sending out these emails, people will inevitably email me back with, should I buy this ad? What do you think, Daegan, all that sort of stuff? I think to myself, I’ve never thought that way. I just try, you know what I mean?

How do you become fearless?

I think that’s what most people lack, and that’s an example of the opposite, the antithesis, that I saw today. If there’s one person that’s out there just doing it it’s you.

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Cedrick: You become fearless by realizing at the end of the day, which side do you want the zeros on your bank account to be? The more you sit back and procrastinate, the more you come up with different excuses; the more you end up in the same the result that you have, which is nothing. Inside of this industry, a lot of people get in and they look at all the different marketing methods, let’s do this, let’s do that but you’re right, them having that fearless attitude of saying whatever, a lot of that doesn’t happen. One of the things that I do is to stop worrying about what people think. This is a problem that a lot of people have. They continue to worry about what other people think and then what they don’t realize is that people haven’t thought since 1913. It’s kind of like when you tell somebody about your business and they say I want to think about it and then you call them two weeks later and they say they’re still thinking about it. You could say, really? There’s 24 hours in a day. You’ve been thinking about my business for a couple hundred hours? I doubt it. There’s no way. You’ve got other things to do with your life. People don’t understand that buyers are going to say certain things and it’s part of the game, but you’ve got to stop worrying about what people think. As soon as you stop worrying about what people think, amazing things happen. Case in point, we can look at any sort of mass advertisement. If we say Hollywood, for example, obviously they want to look a certain way. Why do they want to look that way? It’s because they care about what other people think. Can’t somebody look a certain way and still make millions of dollars? Or, can’t somebody look a certain way and not make millions of dollars? It doesn’t matter what somebody looks like. What matters is what other people think, so stop caring about that and just live in that moment. If people start to live more in that moment, then they’ll get it. None of us are promised the next day. None of us are promised next week, tomorrow, I’m not promised the next minute that’s why I’m so happy and blessed to be on this line with you and for people to be able to even hear this call. Because the reality is that if this is the only moment that we have, then why frickin’ waste it, take advantage of it. Share whatever opportunity that you have. Live in that moment and stop living in the past.

People live in the past so much and we’ve got a certain stigma over our industry, so you have to get over that stigma and say hey, it’s 2012. When the clock hit 12:01 bro, I say the Lord gave me another day are you serious? It’s 2012. How can you not live in the moment? This is it. I think people have to start living more in the moment my friend and they will become fearless.

Daegan: I completely agree with you. It’s a freeing thing. To be fearless is freeing, in my opinion, because it’s just like, whatever who cares? Here’s one thing I want to ask you, because I’m always curious about this. Inevitably, every single person that I meet that sets records in the marketing or home based business world has found a way to fall in love with selling. On some level, those guys that are making the most love selling the most. I don’t know if you think about this the same way, but you’re clearly someone who’s out there, making it happen.

What are some of the things that allow you to love selling?

How can you help someone that’s timid and is fearful, develop an appreciation, and curiosity around this thing, selling– because that’s where all the money is made – so they can get out there and change their lives, in your opinion?

Cedrick: Let’s jump into the first part of the question. First of all, inevitably you have to fall in love with the words. You have to start falling in love with moving words. What I mean by falling in love with moving words; to be able to have a series of words, to be able to say something to someone, to be able to use body language in a certain way or to move someone into action that is sexy. You can actually fall in love with that. You have to fall in love with the fact that you know what somebody had no idea that they were going to make a decision before they sat down with me. I’ll give you an example. When I used to teach a significant amount of people in the mortgage industry when we went down and sat in somebody’s home, it was a one-call close. You’re talking about a $400,000, $500,000 or million, decision that someone’s making in 45 minutes because it was a refinance, and your home is the biggest financial decision in nine out of ten people’s lives, that you’re going to make. To get somebody to make that decision in 45 minutes or an hour, you have to be good. At the end of the day, you’ve got to fall in love with moving words. So to say this person has no idea, let me think what color is their check? What color is the check that they’re going to use? Psychologically, I would teach my loan officers to focus on the color of their check. What color check are they going to use when they write the deposit? Before you even get to the home, focus on what color check, so you’re beginning with the end in mind. What color check are they using to give me the deposit? Are they using MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover? It’s my job to figure out what color check I’m getting. That’s my job. So I have to be good with the words so at the end I can figure out what color check it is. Now psychologically, when I focused and began with the end in mind, what ends up happening? You get what you want. It sounds crazy, but it freakishly works. I was doing a call with Brian Fanale of My Lead System Pro and it was pretty funny because he was like, how the hell are you doing this? We got on a conference call and there were hundreds of people listening to us. I said, everybody who picks up the phone is going to sign up today. I just professed it; everybody who picks up the phone is going to sign up today. Because that was the attitude going into the call, everybody that picked up the phone actually signed up. I just focused on what are they using? MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover? Because it’s just my job to figure their color out or figure out what they’re using. But we get scared of that. For what reason, I have no idea. So, one of the biggest fears that people have is being afraid of getting the money. Okay well psychologically, take it off of that end. What color credit card or what color check are they using? What is the credit card? Is it MasterCard, Visa, AmEx or Discover? Begin with the end in mind.

The second part of your question, Daegan.

Daegan: I think you answered some of it, because that’s it. How do we get them curious, right? That digs into it a little bit.
Daegan: That and when it comes down to the timid part, I want to throw this in. When people start to develop a psyche of falling in love with selling, when they develop a psyche of falling in love with selling, they start to realize that each and every thing that they ever owned in their life was sold in some way, shape or form. So as they listen to this podcast, if they listen to it on their cell phone, that cell phone was sold to them. If they’re listening to it on their Mac, it was sold to them. If they’re listening to it on their PC, it was sold to them. If they’re sitting in a chair, that chair was sold. If they’re laying on a couch, that couch was sold. If they’re laying back in the bed, the bed was sold. If they’re driving in the car, the car was sold. Something was sold in every way, shape or form, so when you start to realize that, you say well hold on for a second. If each and every thing that I have owned in my life and everything around me was bought and sold in some way, shape or form, either I’m doing one or two things; I’m buying or I’m selling. I’m doing one or the other. If I’m selling, I’m making money. If I’m buying, then I’m losing money. So it’s just that simple. You start to fall in love, you say well, hold on. Stop. You have to sell. You fall in love, so everything was sold in some way, shape or form. I think it’s one of the reasons why I just love this industry so much, because all money does is, it goes in circulation and goes in the hands of people that are not so smart into the hands of people that are smarter each and every day.

If the number one occupation or the number one way to make money on this whole planet is to sell something, I don’t think it’s that tough. You just figure that out and life is great.

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It’s so refreshing to hear how simple changes in areas such as attitude and perception can be the difference between success and failure as a marketer. Approaching a customer with the desired outcome already in mind, falling in love with selling, and developing a fearless attitude, will redefine your focus and yield better results. Remember, in this world money always circulates therefore; you are either a buyer or seller. Coming up in the next installment, Cedrick will spill the beans on what qualities to look for in a potential leader. You will also find out why you should love to hear the word NO…

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